Bitcoin SV Casinos

Online casinos that accept Bitcoin SV (BSV).

Where to play with BSV?

Making website was easy as there are — at the moment, in September 2021 — just three online casinos accepting BSV.

A table of the online casinos that have decided to accept Bitcoin SV as payment method.
NamePeergameTime to Party!Dragon BSV Casino
DescriptionUses Money Button account for instant, automatic withdrawals. Is not anonymous as deposits and withdrawals are managed by Money Button.Uses Money Button account for deposits and withdrawals. Automatic withdrawal after certain amount of inactivity. Is not anonymous as deposits and withdrawals are done with Money Button.Dragon BSV Casino uses an internal BSV wallet. It's created automatically for a new user, but an existing wallet can be used as well. The casino is available on multiple languages, and currencies.
LanguagesAvailable in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Dutch.Available in English.Available in English, Japanese and Chinese.
GamesBlackjack, Dice, Wheel, Roulette, Coin Flip, Baccarat, Ladder, Turtle Race, Coin Battles, and Bitto.Out of the Jungle, Keno, and Rock Paper Scissors.Baccarat, Candy Slot, Blackjack, Gold Dragon, Lucky 88, Cai Shen Dao, Gold Fortunes, Happy New Year, 88 Dragons, Rising Coins, Panda Treasures, 5 Fortunes, Buffalo Treasure, Facaile, Prosperity & Happiness.
PromotionsOffers occasionally different promotions.No offers or promotions, yet.No offers or promotions, yet.
ContactEmail address for customer support is email address.No email address.
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